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Our biggest flaw in business!

We all have some faults and problems and today we want to peel back the layer and show you one of ours!

Recently we installed a gas fireplace (click here to learn about them) and the install was going perfectly! Once we installed the final stone we went to place the cap stone on and we found our giant mistake. We had ordered the wrong colored stone! This was a multiple thousand dollar mistake we had made and the customer had every right to be upset!

Here is our biggest business "flaw"

What did D.J. want us to do? He told us to do the right thing and order the correct cap stone and install it with no extra cost to the customer. This cost us a few thousand dollars!

You're probably reading this saying to yourself "That's the right thing to do" and we agree. It is our biggest flaw though! We could have saved the money and installed the wrong one and made an excuse as to why, we could have tried to charge the customer BUT we believe in doing the right thing and taking care of the people who trust us!

Our biggest flaw is that we still do business right, and we plan to never change that! For a business that still cares in the finger lakes region contact us today! (Click here to contact)

We still take care of the customer!

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