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Stop spending hours in the driveway every time it snows!

Cleaning up after a snow storm normally eats up hours and is extremely taxing on the body. Here are a few tips and tricks that will save you hours of pain staking work!

1. Salt early

Too many times the hardest part about snowing is getting the ice from the driveway! Ice you want to melt the first inch and keep the hard ice off the black top lay down the salt before it snows. Your shovel will glide instead of getting caught up every 3 steps.

2. Shovel Often

When you let it pile up it takes an exponential amount of effort. When you shovel consistently it allows you to move fast and stay safe. Instead of lifting massive, heavy loads of snow you can keep you back and shoulders safe. Try to shovel when 2-3' have fallen.

3. Place stakes around driveway and walk ways

Instead of guessing where the boundaries are, mark them. You will know how far to push and save the effort of making it look clean.

4. Snow blower

The best way to do the first three things and invest into a snow blower. It will save the shoveling and turn your hard work into a nice walk in the snow.

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ProValue Landscaping
ProValue Landscaping
07. Sept. 2021


Thank you for sharing your blog.

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