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Why we love gas fireplaces!

Gas fireplaces have been so popular the last few years! To be honest, we love them and we think you would too! Here are a few reasons you should explore having one of your own installed!

They look amazing:

I'll let them speak for themselves for a minute! All shapes, sizes and colors are in play right now!

They are so easy:

Imagine this... instead of going to pick up wood,cleaning out the old ashes, stacking kindling wood, stuffing paper into the middle of it and then praying for it to actually light you simply walk outside, turn the gas knob on and light the fire. What used to be a giant production is now a simple two step process!

Another amazing perk, there is no smoke chasing you around the fire pit all night!

They are:

Safe to cook over.

Cheap to operate ($100 - $400 per year)

They add amazing value to your back yard.

Most importantly the fire pit is now the center of the back yard. An amazing place to create memories for decades to come!

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