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What to expect

Finding the right company to do any work your home can be difficult. Finding a landscaping company that has the integrity to do a job with excellence and your best long term interest in mind.... almost impossible.

That is where we step in!

At preferred landscaping D.J. Morse (owner) has created a culture and reputation that is unrivaled.

When you contact us for us for a quote either through Facebook or our website here is what to expect.

#1. A prompt and professional response to your needs and questions so we can quickly and accurately quote you.

#2. A visit from the team

We will help answer all of your questions and answer the ones you may have overlooked! Making sure we have all of the details and desires for you next deck, patio, retaining wall, etc.

#3. A digital rendering of the project.

We work closely with an architect to provide you with an image so there are no surprises about what the final project will look like.

These quotes cost $1,500 but once the project is completed we refund our customers half of the investment. Why do this? Because your money matters and we want to provide you wit the most professional service you have ever experienced.

#4. A professional quote and timeline.

We will follow up with you in a timely manner and provide an expected (realistic) timeline for the project. We don't want you to be in the dark!

#5. We guarantee your satisfaction

This is why we are the "Preferred" landscaping coming in the Finger Lakes! To start your professional quote you can Facebook message us (here) or visit the website (here)

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