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What landscaping company should I trust?

We have all heard the horror stories from a friend or family members recent landscaping experience...Let's make sure you don't have the same experience.

There are many different companies to choose from when it comes to picking a landscaper! Often times we go with the first quote or sign we have seen and have no idea what makes certain companies stand out. Other times we go with the lowest quote and fastest turn around. We want to help you make an informed and confident decision.

Here are some "markers" to check when looking for who to hire for your next landscaping job!

1. Training and Certifications

Sure, they might be able to do the job but do have they have the proper training on how to make sure it is done properly? Do they understand how to make sure it will last for decades or simply pass an inspection?

At Preferred Landscaping we have multiple certifications and are always looking for find more!

We are most proud of our ICPI certification for paving and concrete work. This is the industry standard that any great landscaping company should have! Currently, we are in the process of becoming a trainer for ICPI.

2. Insurance

Without the proper insurances a simple mistake or overlooked detail can turn into a massive disaster. Your landscaping company should be fully insured and you should ask for proof.

3. Customer Reviews

What are other people saying about the company? You can check facebook, google and even yelp for free customer reviews and recommendations. A beautiful website and good pictures can be misleading. Others experiences will tell the full truth pf what you will be hiring!

Here is what people are saying about Preferred Landscaping -> reviews

4. Experience

Every single company has to start somewhere but that does not mean they have to start with your $50,000 project. When hiring any company for a job that requires expertise you need to look for those with a track record of what type of job and what the job history is.

Going with experience over the cheapest and newest guy on the block can save you thousands of dollars in the future.

Here is a look at some of our previous jobs -> click here


Preferred landscaping has been serving the finger lakes region for over a decade. We pride ourselves in producing excellent results that exceed every customers expectations. From mowing to decks, patios and concrete we can take care of any project.

We have primarily worked in the Horseheads, Corning, Hammondsport region but we are

expanding to serve Schuyler, Steuben and Chemung county fully.

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