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What kind of fencing should I use?

Fencing is one of the easiest ways to make your property more enjoyable! From the additional safety, noise reduction, privacy and aesthetic of a fence, if you have a back yard.... you need a fence!

Here is a list of fencing types and their benefits.

As always, if you are interested in a professional quote on any of these you can start the process here or message us on Facebook here


Is the preferred style and for many reasons! It is exponentially stronger than wood, resists paint and is virtually maintenance free! While it does cost more initially, over the years it will pay for itself in paint and labor.

Aluminum / Iron:

This is perfect for custom style and displays! These fences are durable and strong keeping whatever you want in or out! They do require a bit of maintenance every few years.


The traditional fencing material has many different style and orientations making it the most popular to use! From the white picket fence to the tall privacy fence wood is guaranteed to fit any of your needs. it will require upkeep throughout the years but if done well and consistently it does not measure up to a major task.

Chain Link:

Definitely not the most appealing visually but the most effective option if you need to fence in a pool or a portion of the back yard for your pets. Chain link will last decades and requires almost no upkeep. It is the most effective for protection!

Other fencing material(s) / styles include farm fencing, PVC, electrical and bamboo.

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