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What can't you do with concrete?


Retaining walls are a must have in many yards (business and personal). Using concrete for certain jobs can be a cost effective choice and look even better! Here are some examples to check out!


Pavers are a go to but if you want something to look beautiful and stay on the safe side of your budget a concrete patio (Outdoor space) could be your best bet. They will last for decades if done properly. They can be colored, stamped and shaped however you want! We have seen some amazing patios in the finger lakes region made from concrete!


An outdoor kitchen? Honestly, it is what you need and you still don't even know it! They will last for decades, save a ton of clean up indoors and increase the ease in grilling! Check these out!

Walkways / Driveways:

Yes, that beautiful driveway and walkway could be at your house. They withstand the test of time and the beating of the cold New York winters we face. We suggest everyone to get a quote in these before they count themselves out.


Classic: A beautiful glossy finish that you have seen for decades!

Stamped: We love that almost every any pattern can we put into your concrete! From swirls to making it look like old wood, concrete stamps are beautiful!

Stain: Sick of the greyish tone to your concrete... so aren't we, let's color it however you want!

For any concrete job, we are the local and preferred professionals! To start your quote click here!

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