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Sick and tired of being stuck in the house?

Here's three things you can do right now as we enter Spring!

#1. Trees and Shrubs

It is a perfect time to start trimming back what might have been damaged in the winter. When trimming and pruning you want to cut back to the "live stems" so they are prepped for the growing season!

This will help with healthy and consistent growth over the entire season!

#2. Beds and Borders

The dead leaves and foliage that may have fallen into your beds and on the borders over the long winter are a great clean up target. While we may not be planting our gardens and flowers it is a great idea to get everything ready! This will save time when we can finally starting putting those seeds in the ground!

#3. Remove and Replace Mulch

The mulch that was bleached from the summer sun and sucked of its color over the winter needs to go! Now is a great time to have to removed and replaced!

BONUS #4. Fencing

Check the fencing for any damages or chipping. Its a great tie to replace and boards or even strip the paint and refinish it going into the season!

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