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Preferred Landscaping Unveils Impressive Display at The Windmill in Penn Yan, NY

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

The Windmill, in Penn Yan, New York, is a hot spot market for everything in the name of farm and crafts. Thousands of people from all over central and western New York gather to shop and experience all the great things The Windmill has to offer. We thought it was the perfect place for a little taste of what Preferred Landscaping has to offer.

The challenge was trying to show a little bit of everything we are known for in such a small space. We started with a nice multi-colored and multi-dimensional patio made using the finest pavers for both durability and beauty. Everyone loves a good fire for entertaining, so we constructed a block firepit on one corner of the patio with a nice little seating area around it. Block walls and retaining walls are something we are known for, so we wanted to include a small sample wall to act as another seating area for the shoppers to take a load off and relax for a bit. You may remember the large three urn fountain we built last year in Corning, NY. We decided that a smaller version of that would be a nice water feature for people to enjoy. We finished off the display by carefully selecting a variety of our most popular plants and flowers surrounded by white rock.

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