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New Hydroseeding and Lawn Landscape Drainage System.

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

When you decide to build a new home there are countless things to consider. From the appliances to the wall colors and floor treatments, decisions tend to pile up. One thing that is sometimes an afterthought is what to do to cover up the mess left behind by the construction crew. Nobody wants to have a beautiful new home with a muddy mess for a yard. Proper drainage of the property is something else that can be largely important to keeping it livable and free from water damage. This new home got the Preferred treatment on all of these fronts.

We carefully formulated a drainage plan to direct water away from the property. We carefully covered the mess left behind by the home builders. We then smoothed it all out and used our state of the art Hydroseeding process to plant and fertilize grass all in one shot. The result is a beautiful new yard in the making and grass that is growing and thickening at a much faster rate than the typical new seed.

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