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Modern Deck Ideas

Decks, well we have been talking about them the last few blogs and there is a reason (a few of them). They provide a great space for entertainment, they have an amazing ROI and they can make your back yard the talk of the town.

We wanted to give you some inspiration for your modern deck!

#1. Lighting.

You don't have to turn the flood lights on anymore to light up the deck for the late night hang outs. With LED rope or lights you can transform the entire feel. From a bright blast light attracting every bug from 1/4 of a mile away to a subtle light giving a perfect ambiance.

#2. Outdoor Kitchens

A grill is great but a built in grill/kitchen set right on the deck? Yes, 100% we are all in on these! They are very low maintenance but a massive selling point and entertainment plus. Here are some more.

#3 Multiple Layers

You don't need to build a single layer deck anymore. Modern decks have multiple building materials and layers to them. Creating one main space but smaller areas for seating. This is perfect for entertaining!

#4. Retractable Screens (No not the old school ones)

Look at how great these turn out! An amazing open space for when everyone is over or closed off to protect yourself from the bugs! Even better is when they are motorized! Check out the blog from DeckMagazine.Com

#5. Railings.

The possibilities are endless. metal and metal, wood and metal, wood and wood, you can get creative as you want!

To get started on your professional quote start here.

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