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Lawn care made easy!

No one wants to have the lawn that sticks out for the wrong reason and at the same time no one wants to spend 6-8 hours every weekend making sure the lawn is presentable for the next week! Here are a few simple tips to save you time and avoid being "that lawn".

The most important thing...

Stay on top of it, the cardinal sin of lawn care is letting it get out of control. We've been there before as well, it's a ________ (rainy or busy) weekend and putting the lawn off until Tuesday won't be the "worst thing"... until it is Tuesday and the lawn is out of control!

Here is the basic lawn care checklist:

Watering: If you are serious about keeping a lawn green during the hot summer months, apply one inch of water to the lawn each week. (Unless it decides to rain all summer)

Mowing: Just do it, or pay us to take care of it. Either way putting it off will turn a small job into a weekend project. That upstate New York grass loves to grow all summer long.

Weeding: Get those gloves out and get in there. Could you imagine if they "grew like weeds" because you neglected them?

Edging: Use a shovel or you can get a specialized edger from your local hardware store. This will elevate the aesthetics of your lawn drastically.

Repairs: The broken fence, brown spot and the branches all over the place need to be fixed up. Without it the rest of the lawn starts to reflect those areas.

If you need help with any of this, you can request it here. We are the preferred lawn care company in the entire Corning, Elmira and Ithaca region.

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