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How landscaping affects the sale of your home!

Imagine this: You drive up to what your Realtor thinks will be your "dream home". It has everything that you asked for, the bedrooms, updated kitchen and bathrooms...everything! When you pull up with anticipation the very first thing you notice is overgrown shrubs, the crumbling pavers and the disheveled mess of the front entrance.

Even worse imagine that it's your house that is being pulled up to!

Curb appeal can be one of the most important things to both the buyer and seller! You can take control of the first impression with landscape installation!

Flowers around the front, a beautiful retaining wall even fresh mulch will make the front of the house shout with vibrancy!

For the buyer:

Many people make a decision that determines their pass or purchase within the first few minutes of pulling into the driveway. You want to be impressed!

For the seller:

Personally we know many customers who were able to increase the purchase price of their house upwards of $75,000! Landscape installation such as retaining walls, patios, decks and walkways go a long way when you want to enjoy your house and impress future buyers!

Curb appeal can be a make or break for both the buyer and seller of a home! I would love to help you find the perfect house with the perfect curb appeal or patio to relax on!

To get a professional quote on your curb appeal click here

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