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Help! My plants are dying.

You took the time in the spring, you have been babying them all summer and NOW of all times your flowers are dying! Don't worry, it's not too late to see them come back to life.

How to know they are dying:

  • Droopy leaves

  • Drying and coloring of leaves

  • Growth has stopped

Easy steps to take:

  • Take inventory of what you have and what they need to live. Often times plant are placed next to each and have completely different needs to thrive. One may need less sun and the other more water. All the while one is being dried out and the other drowned.

  • Learn the life span of the plants you have. While it may "look dead" it might just be becoming dormant for the season.

  • Monitoring your watering. Is it too much? Is it not enough? Common signs of under-watering include droopy leaves or leaves falling from the plant. Common signs of over watering include yellow leaves, mold at the base of your plant, and soft or wet soil.

  • Check for bugs. Move the leaves, check the entire plant make sure you are thorough. If you have bugs contact/research the needed steps for remove them.

  • Check your soil. If your contents are not correct it will not be able to create or sustain life.

If you are having serious problems please feel free to reach out! We would love to help give our professional opinion.

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