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Fixing Common Summer Lawn Problems

I know, you worked hard all spring to have an amazing lawn. Now...while staring out across your property you can see the crab grass, dry spots and even the bare areas. It can be discouraging but we want to help give you the answers to start fixing it now and how to avoid it in the future!

We will lay out the problem (Scroll down if the current one doesn't apply)

Give you two plans.

1. How to address the problem now.

2. How to make sure it doesn't happen next year.

Leave the comment section open for any clarifying.

Leave a link for you to have us come and assess your issues.

A. Grass problems:

This includes crab grass, clover, dandelions, bent grass, compact soil and brown patch disease.

1. What to do now:

  • Aerate your soil 2-3 times before winter.

  • Fertilize your lawn so that the soil is primed and prepared for next season.

  • Apply a preventive fungicide

  • Seed with high quality seed

2. How to make sure it doesn't happen next year:

  • Seed with high quality seed (late summer and very early spring)

  • Aerate your soil in the spring.

  • Fertilize your lawn regularly.

  • Apply a preventive fungicide

B. Bug and Animal Damage:

This includes Chinch bugs, Japanese beetles, dogs and cats.

1. What to do now:

  • For external damage from larger animals you can reseed, fence off and fill any holes.

  • For bugs and beetles. You can apply oils and pesticides (try organic)

2. How to make sure it doesn't happen next year:

  • Plant the right seed that will hep fight and resit bugs and beetles.

  • Fence off areas for the animals to use (or stay out of).

  • Utilize organic pesticides and oils.

If you have any questions...please leave them below in the comments! If you would like us to help you avoid these problems in the future you can reach out to us now through this link.

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