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Fighting Ticks and Mosquitoes

We all know the fight of ticks and mosquitoes in the northeast but many of us are not aware that there are lawn care and methods to help protect your family and lawn against them both! While these methods are not exhaustive we have added a few other tools we have found handy as well.

Mosquitoes: These guys are so pesky and obnoxious. Having to swat them away all night and dealing with the itch for the next few days can be prevented! Many people do not know that they feed off pollinated flowers and overgrown grass! Yes, this includes grass clipping and overgrown hedges as well!

How to help prevent them:

1. Keep the grass cut and clippings thrown away at all times.

2. Eliminate standing water from your yard.

3. Keep your gutters clean (this is a perfect breeding ground)

4. Choose plants that provide natural mosquito control. Lemon balm and rose-scented geraniums contain citronella and natural oils that repel mosquitoes.

Ticks: Lyme Disease is nothing to play with, keeping your animals, children and self safe is important! There are over 5,500 cases reported each year and we want to help make sure you are not included in the statistic.

How to help prevent them:

1. Clear out large areas of lawn. Ticks tend to die in heat and stay in damp shaded areas.

2. Clean out debris and piles from your yard.

3. From Pests.Com "Use mulch around your trees and shrubs to dissuade ticks from making a home underneath them. You can also use mulch or gravel around the border of your house to create a physical barrier against ticks. This is especially suggested for those who live on the border of more wooded areas."

4. Use a tick and insect spray at your home or business!

if you would like help with any of these measures please reach out to us for a professional quote!


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