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Extending your outdoor season!

We are all a little bit that sad summer is starting to wind down and if you are anything like us you would do anything to extend it.

Here are a few things you can do to enjoy your back yard and the summer a bit longer!

1. You need (not want) an outdoor fire place!

The perfect fall night is spent making smores by the fire place that is cutting through the crispy air. Sadly, that comes quickly in Upstate New York. The reality is simple in order to be outside when it is cold, you need fire. A stone fire place is one of the more beautiful backyard upgrades.

We love gas fire places for a few reasons.

A. No clean up

B. No set up

C. Controllable flame for safety

We can give you a professional, hassle free quote here.

2. Create an outdoor "room"

Have a screened in porch? Add some nice seats, a small heater and a table for the family to enjoy the sunset! If not, add a "pergola" over your patio and then make it an amazing seating area around the fire pit!

Here is an example:

3. Put in a hot tub!

That cold, cool air is easily combated with the hot bubbly water! They can be added to any outdoor set up (patio or deck) with the right support. The pool might be closed but the hot tub is open for business.

P.S. what an amazing way to reset your mind and body after a long and stressful day.

Our goal is for you to enjoy your life and property. It can be hard in the fall and winter to get outside with your friends and family but we know by implementing at least one of these options it will extend your outdoor season!

Contact us today for your professional quote!

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