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Easy ways make your yard look great!

Your weekend is like a treasure and most of us don't want to spend the entire time we have off from work...working in the yard. We put together a few hacks that will save you time and make your yard look great!

Maybe you don't have the money for a retaining wall yet, maybe you are saving for that p[aver patio? These will save the bank as well!

1. Add boundaries

Defining spaces by adding pavers or even by edging helps create a visual aspect that draws the eye. These boundaries should separate your yard from trees, flower beds or even the sidewalk.

Long term to avoid upkeep and to add value to your property you should add a retaining wall or proper flower beds.

2. Add Mulch or Stone.

Mulch/Stone is an amazing way to add color and life to your yard. A few "yards" of mulch is ample for most homes and comes in all different colors. Whether it is lining the old flower beds or creating new ones... mulch is a key to making your yard look amazing!

3. Clean Up

This one is completely free but often overlooked. By taking a day to clean the yard (sticks,stones, garbage, weeds, etc) it will instantly increase the perceived value and your future clean up time. The trick is staying on top of it consistently and it will not become a burden.

At preferred landscaping we want you to enjoy your yard! Let us know how these work for you and your home! For any questions or to get a professional quote --> click here

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