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Three trendy patio design inlays to give your back yard an instant upgrade.

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Single color patios can be boring. That is why many people across the country are getting creative with their patios.  Lets take a look at the top three inlays done last year.

#1. The Circular Pattern (Light).

A circular pattern in a typical paver patio can add interest and contrast to a typical square patio.  This particular patio was done with the color Montauk Blue from Cambridge pavers.  Adding additional interest notice how the pavers on the border in the color coal where inserted in the patio.  The coal color paver added contrast to the beautiful Montauk Blue color.

#2. The Circular Pattern (Dark).

The circular pattern is such a good look that it appears twice on the list. This is the opposite color wise, instead of a light circle on a dark base color, for this one we used a darker shade of paver on a lighter base.  For this project we used Toffe Onyx in the center of the circle.  The outside of the circle was accented with Sahara Chestnut from Cambridge Pavers.

#3. The Diamond Inlay.

The diamond is a patios best friend.  For this look we took turned the pavers at a forty five degree angle with an accenting border.  The popular 12" Montauk Blue was used adding a Coal border.

If your looking to get any one of these or something different done for your yard upgrade we would be happy to help. If you would like to get started on your custom paver patio click here

To start your project click here

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