About Preferred Landscaping:

Preferred Landscaping was started by an ambitious college student, DJ Morse, with just a push mower. Starting with an ad in the paper (landscaping student with experience $10 per hour) he managed to grow his business while graduating from Corning Community College and attending Mansfield University.

"My family has been in the landscaping industry for three generations. As a young kid looking to earn spending money, I worked for my father, who owned Star Landscaping, and my grandparents, who owned Custom Landscaping. Preferred Landscaping was started when I turned 20. I always said I didn't want to work jobs but to create them."

Through his past experience and continuing education in the landscaping, construction, and real estate industry, DJ Morse has the knowledge not only to integrate customer ideas but also to create long term value and enjoyment in landscape installations. Preferred Landscaping has grown through referrals and very little advertising. For this he is grateful and wants to thank every customer. Preferred Landscaping wouldn't be where it is today with out you.